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Brand: FROM WILLITS BY THOMAS BLACKSHEAR      Item# 9600196701     Price: $850.00

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Product Description:
Surrounded by colorfully dressed children,who dance and laugh with uninhibited joy,the Piper plays a cheerful tune on a wooden flute.The outstanding level of detail,sense of movement,and innocent delight portrayed in this piece is as irresistible to collectors as the Piper’s music clearly is to the children around him.Standing 12 3/4” tall by 19” wide,this large,masterfully sculpted piece is sure to become the center of many Thomas Blackshear collections.

With your purchase we included 2 free gifts:
• Bookee, your exclusive membership gift, is an adorable figurine designed to fit into the Piper’s wagon.This happy,laughing baby is seated in a wonderfully sculpted “woven” basket decorated with spring blossoms.
• The Little Piper ornament which represents the piper as a child.


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